Titles For Sale

If you have any special requests do let us know, we may be able to help.

If you desire a barony title it will cost you a minimum of £95,000 (UK Pounds) and with our commission and VAT on that and your legal fees you will get little change out of £110,000 (UK Pounds). One barony title sold for a reported £1,000,000. We do not always have a title for sale.

Our clients often prefer us to be more discreet and to arrange the re-assignation of their titles ‘quietly’. We run our business in the ‘quill pen’ tradition; if you e-mail us we will discuss your preferences with you and let you know which title we think is most suitable for you. Although we do not maintain a mailing list, we have a small number of people who are waiting for something specific, and we let them know if we are able to offer them a title which they might consider suitable.

A 17th century title from Angus – £95,000

We have been asked to offer a title from Angus; this title dates from the seventeenth century, although the lands were held by a Cistercian Abbey for many centuries prior to that.

A Perthshire title – £95,000

We are pleased to offer a Perthshire barony title which has a fascinating history, with connections to Sir William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and other historical figures.

Feudal Earldom

We are pleased to offer a feudal earldom in Perthshire.  We do not expect ever to be able to offer another title as prestigious as this – please note that the price reflects the exclusivity of this title.  Please contact us for further details.