Titles For Sale

If you have any special requests do let us know, we may be able to help.

If you desire a barony title it will cost you a minimum of £85,000 (UK Pounds) and with our commission and VAT on that and your legal fees you will get little change out of £100,000 (UK Pounds). One barony title sold for a reported £1,000,000. We do not always have a title for sale.

Our clients often prefer us to be more discreet and to arrange the re-assignation of their titles ‘quietly’. We run our business in the ‘quill pen’ tradition; if you e-mail us we will discuss your preferences with you and let you know which title we think is most suitable for you. Although we do not maintain a mailing list, we have a small number of people who are waiting for something specific, and we let them know if we are able to offer them a title which they might consider suitable.

Feudal barony from Aberdeenshire. £85,000

With an asking price of £85,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium). This barony has strong connections to the Jacobite Cause.

If this is of interest to you do contact us and we will send you more details.

Barony Title from Dundee. £85,000

We also have a very nice barony title from one of the suburbs of Dundee, Angus, with a strong and easily pronouncable name at £85,000 (plus Buyer’s Premium).

Please contact us for more information.

Barony title from Perthshire for £85,000

A Barony title from Perthshire with links to the Jacobite cause.