Seize the Time!

Long term visitors to this web-site will remember that from time to time we have mentioned that the exchange rates between the pound (GBP) and the dollar (USD) and the pound and the euro are favourable for the conversion of the dollar and euro into pounds.  It is now time for anyone who intends to purchase a barony title to consider it very seriously.  At the time of writing the pound is at its lowest value against the two currencies for more than two years and only one cent of a euro higher than its lowest in the last ten years.  The position is much the same against the dollar.  This fall in the value of the pound is entirely due to the fear of the damage caused to the UK economy by our exit from the European Market.  It is entirely possible that the position will change at any time in the near future.  The Europeans may come up with a solution acceptable to the UK’s prime minister or he may be forced to hold an election; almost anything is on the cards.  What is more than probable is that the current exchange rates will change adverse to the interests of people from outwith the UK buying UK goods and services.  If you are one of those actively considering acquiring a barony title we urge you to act now.  You need to decide on a barony, contact a solicitor and complete the necessary anti-money laundering procedures, and most importantly, transfer funds to the UK in order to benefit from the current favourable exchange rates.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Brian G. Hamilton.