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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  I am not Scottish.  Can I buy a barony title?

A1. Yes, anyone may acquire a Scottish barony title.

Q2. I am not Scottish.  If I acquire a barony title will the Lord Lyon grant me a coat of arms?

A2. Yes, the Lord Lyon has written on his web-site:-

The Lord Lyon King of Arms wishes to advise as follows regarding Petitions for the Grant of Arms:

'In respect of future Petitions for Grants of Arms by persons owning a dignity of baron which has been acquired post the appointed day (that is, 28 November 2004), provided that the Lord Lyon determines that the dignity of baron exists, that the petitioner is a virtuous and well deserving person and determines to exercise his discretion in their favour to grant arms the Lord Lyon will, (1) if so required, officially recognise the petitioner as "Baron of [the barony]" and (2) grant them ensigns armorial with a helmet befitting their degree, namely the helmet assigned to the barons.

When a petitioner has no connection with Scotland that otherwise brings the petitioner within the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon, Lyon accepts that subject to other relevant considerations he will accept the ownership of a dignity of a barony as sufficient to bring the petitioner within his discretionary jurisdiction to grant arms to that person as a person who will require to bear arms in Scotland by reason of his ownership of the dignity.'

Q3.When I acquire a barony title what will my name be?

A3. Let us assume that your name is John Smith and that you have acquired the Barony of Strathglen.  You can then style yourself John Smith, Baron of Strathglen. But note, neither Baron Strathglen nor Baron Smith of Strathglen because both of these would indicate a peerage title and barony titles are feudal titles.

Q4. If I acquire a barony title what title does my wife get?

A4. Let us assume that your wife’s first name is Mary and your eldest son is named John and your daughter(s) name is Jane.  The wife of a feudal baron gets no official recognition; however, it is tradition that wives take the courtesy title of ‘Baroness of Strathglen’ or ‘Lady Mary of Strathglen’. The eldest son may be styled as ‘Younger of Strathglen and any daughters ‘Miss Jane Smith of Strathglen.

Q5.  I am a lady; may I acquire a Scottish barony title.

A5.  Yes; the same rules apply to ladies acquiring Scottish barony titles except that it is a tradition that the husband of a Baroness does not get the courtesy title of Baron.

Q6. Does a Barony title come with a coat of arms?

A6. No, Scottish arms are personal and cannot be sold or given away; they pass down the family line in accordance with the heraldic law of succession.  The sons may use a variant of their father’s arms; the daughters may use their fathers until the time of their marriage.

Q7. Does any land come with the title?

A7. No, since 2004 the title has been separated from any land; if you want land you should consult your solicitor who will advise you how to purchase land.

Q8. Is there a Barony Register where I can research baronies?

A8. There are one or two web-sites where there are lists of baronies. However, these are by no means complete and much of the information is inaccurate.  There is The Scottish Barony Register which was set up after the change in Scotland’s land law in 2004 which has the purpose of recording changes of ownership of Scottish Barony titles.  This register is only accessible by Scottish solicitors.

Q9. If I acquire a Scottish barony title will it help me to become a British subject and get a British passport?

A9. No.

Q10. How do I know what you are offering is genuine?

A10. We do not expect you to know Scottish law regarding baronies; that is why we insist that you engage a Scottish solicitor (lawyer) to act for you.  If you do not have a Scottish solicitor we can send you a list of solicitors experienced in barony conveyancing.  Some solicitors advertise their barony experience on their web-sites.  If you read our Terms of Business you will see that in the unlikely event that we cause you wasted costs because of a defect in the title offered we will pay your Scottish solicitor’s fees.  In fact we have had to do this three times in twenty two years of business and on all three occasions the person concerned was so happy with our behaviour that they acquired another barony from us.

Q11.  If I acquire a barony title from you who will know?

A11.  Only the people you tell.  We will not give out any information about the sale of the title or its owner without your express permission.

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